The world is rapidly moving towards a cashless society. Electronic transactions now constitute almost 89.67% of the total money transfers all over the world according to the recent report by CNBC Africa. As Thrive, we are keeping pace with technology and we urge our valued clients to adopt mobile money transfer systems as they are faster and more convenient than the current conventional banking setup. For the marginalised, the proof of residence and now tax clearance requirements in account opening is a strong barrier to

financial inclusion.  

As an organisation, we are registered as a biller with Ecocash and Telecash. We are actively pushing to ensure all our disbursements and repayments ride on these platforms. We recognize how microfinance and mobile financial services ought to be intertwined:-

Why should you risk being robbed walking with large amounts of money? Simply make your repayments from the comfort of your home.

Why should you travel and unnecessarily add to your expenses? You can now transact directly from where you are.

Why should you risk being penalised for late repayments? You can now transact day and night even on weekends and public holidays.

OUR ECOCASH BILLER CODE IS 00569 and the money will be paid directly into client's account. There is also an option for reversing all wrong transactions. The TELECEL BILLER CODE WILL BE COMING SOON.